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joshpeck's Journal

Josh Peck Fans
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Welcome to the Josh Peck Livejournal community!

About Josh Peck

Josh will be the first to admit that he and his TV counterpart have a lot in common. "We’re both great guys who are fun to be with but maybe a little out of touch with generation Y. And I like to think I’m less nerdy,” says the 17-year-old show biz vet. Josh, who co-starred with Drake on "The Amanda Show,” made his feature-film debut in the Nickelodeon comedy “Snow Day” and he was Nick's “Kids Pick the President" correspondent. Josh, who plays a bully opposite Rory Culkin in the film "Mean Creek," was first bitten by the acting bug at age 8 when he and his career consultant mom lived in Boca Raton, Florida. “I became enamored with performing when my mom took me to plays and comedy clubs on a regular basis," he says. "She’s hilarious, so I guess I come by it naturally.” Josh now lives in California and has appeared on “ER,” “The Guardian” and “Fillmore."

Nick.com Biography

Maybe I will write a real one someday.

About This Community

This community was created April 4th, 2005. I had noticed that there were about three or four for Drake Bell, but sadly, I had not come across one made solely for Josh Peck. That is the reason why this was made. This community is owned and maintained by sutkarak. If you have any questions regarding this community, please direct any and all to her.

1. Please, no off-topic posts. There are communities out there for just random babble, and there is more than likely a community out there for the certain topic you wish to bring up. Take it over there.
2. Posting graphics, friends only banners, icons, and whatever else you can think up is allowed. No anti-graphics, please.
3. Advertising is okay as long as it is a community related to the Josh Peck.
4. Please be respectful to every member. Failure to do so will result in banning.
5. If you are posting more than one picture, please place all other pictures underneath a Livejournal cut, or I promise you, at least one member will jump you.

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